Take a look at this group fanart-poem made by Bob Oosterwijk.
Also: Baron mcDuffies images I posted earlier turned out into a massive comic jam. Check it out here and it's progress here. I reccomend it, it's a really big story with a lot of intersecting storylines.

mcDuffies is a part of dropdown for drawing tutorials on comicgenesis:

This dropdown is started by Joel Fagin and this great idea will hopefully span wider, there's a lot of good tutorials on comicgenesis. Dropdown won't be on main page because, as agreed, it's place is on tutorial pages.

Writing a script tutorial.

First important thing: Today is a first day of Little White Knight on graphic smash. So far, comments are good.
Second: I made a new tutorial: Drawing human body. If you liked previous ones, you will love this one.
Where did I get that corny phrase?

Ok, bucketfull of news. First, comic is back on regular schedule. I'll replace fillers to be out of the storyline later.
* * *
*big breath in*
I'll be doing a series for Graphic Smash which is, as you all know, a part of Modern Tales family.
A comic is called "Little White Knight" and it's supposed to start around 10th September. Of course, you can follow it by becaming a member or by following every latest instalment (which is free).
Expect something really different. It's a love and mistery story placed in mediaval Spain, during Alfonso VI reign. One thing that isn't gonna be different is my specific humor.
As for "mcDuffies" nothing is changing for now. Work on "Little White Knight" won't affect it.
By the way, "Magellan Justice Academy" by a nice guy Stephen Crowley of Loxie and Zoot is transfering to Smash too.
* * *
Other news: I'm starring in current storyline of Digital War. Ewan Baird runs storylines in which he mercylessly kills webcomic creators for some time now. Well, it's my turn.
* * *
I've been staring in another webcomic at the same time: I eat food has pointed me as the greatest nemesis of stick-figure and other artistically challenged comics ;-) according to my work in How Not To Run A Comic gig.
Though, no sweat. It's all good fun.
(P.S. go a couple of comics back, that storyline ended.)
* * *
Talking about comics I'm staring in, "Comic Writer X" has updated a couple of times, and it seems like it's not gonna be a series of lone incidents.
* * *
Check out Adam Hodgson's new comic Ratz comics. Now because it's quite oposing to what's happening in "mcDuffies", but because guy sure knows how to draw, and because it's a comic in which not a word has been spoken yet.

What you think of this change in style? No? Eh, I don't like it either, it's the result of my getting used to new drawing tools. I'll stick to it till the end of current storyline and then I'll change it.
You can pop me a comment about this matter on forums.

What you see is a little experimenting in style. I'll probably use it till the end of this storyline and then pop to something else.
Any comment regarding style changes is welcomed on Forums.

Yours truly has been spotted in webcomic Star Bored. Look the middle bottom frame, among other comicgenesisrs, is a large orange cat with glasses. Yes, that's me.

A surprise: I made an animated mcDuffies gif, actually more like short movie about Rat Wars. Pretty cool stuff, you gotta check it.
A proposition: How would you like a full mcDuffies page extra every week, for the next four weeks?
All you need to do is vote for mcDuffies on buzzcomix top list:

Comic will appear right after you vote. It is a relaxing side story about mcDuffies on camping trip. First page is up, next page will be there in a week.
Yes, this is an awfull sham to get you to vote for me. But it's also a little test: I wanna see the measures of a real popularity of mcDuffies.
Think scientific!
And if you're nice enough that you want to vote for me on other places too, you can do that here.
If you're a webcartoonist, vote in
Not much new. I updated link page, there's some stuff that really deserved to be there long ago.
I joined KeenHeroines dropdown, featuring strong female characters (aparently there's a few in my comic. Soon I'll add a Nocturnal dropdown too.
Eh, well, no more news...
First of all, today is Online Comics Day, visit their site nad see mcDuffies entry (and entry of other comics.
Second of all, second McDuffies tutorial is on. If pictures aren't showing yet, they'll be tomorrow for sure.
Third of all, I have a Ferquently Asked Questions page now.
Fourth, check KeenLobotomy, there are four pages I've either drawn or wrote a script for.
Fifth, two great comicgenesis comic, Elf Only Inn and Count Your Sheep are going over to KeenSpot. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Sixth, uh, er... yeah, theck out cool comicgenesis Newsbox! It takes some place on site, but it's great for promotion and community. 'T'sall.

Eh... April 1. has passed and so has my chance to trick you by Killing all my characters or replacing my site with something weird. Too bad :-P
But this is no joke: I'm starting series of drawing tutorials, pretty personal vision on drawing I must say, but it will probably help someone. I started with face drawing tutorial and others are soon to come (if I'm not too lazy).
Other weird link you can see in menu is ambicious project of exchanging brains of webcomic artists. Nothing interesting there for now, unless if you want to participate, for now, no comic is finished. I'll let you know when it does.
So you're wondering what's the black ribbon for? I explained it here.

This is a future site of "KeenLobotomy", brain exchange project here on comicgenesis (and wider). It's part of KeenEvents site, Rodrogo (yes, the same Rodrigo) said he'll make main page for Keenevents soon.

Better check out How not to run a comic. There's a new topic "How not to introduce a plot.

I decided to make more space for links by removing flashy red frame. Sometimes, it simply pours with with interesting links (and I'm often too lazy to change them). hopefully, this will fix the overleaping of letters with image that happen on some computers.
Word or two about provided links: CRX comic jam is not outdated yet, actually it's going great thanks to CRX friends. So I didn't want to remove it yet.
Alex and Illia is a comic that deserves a place in my links page and I'll put it there if I don't forget :( It's author is a creator of cards for various comicgenesis comics. You can see them all here now.
This site has been in my links page for a long time. What R.Kwan is doing now, with a new artist, although not surprising (cause miss Kwan is a well known fan of Joy Division) is indeed very intriguing. Go see.
* * *
Gloomy part of news:
E-pen still not working. Both photoshop and Gimp are responsing lousy to current 2000 driver, I'll try with Corel Photopaing later. I couldn't get a grip on Win98 emulators and didn't want to screw someting more seriously, and installing Win or Linux on second partition is just too much work for me right now.
After this storyline ends I'll bother you with fillers for a few days (if it's any consolation, they're very cool fillers) and then I'll start new storyline either hand-drawin or with style adjusted to what I can do with my pet now. Example of that adjusting will be shown in my next input to CRX is so let me know if you prefere that or hand-drawing.
* * *
Just realised: Rodrigo is intending to make a series of interwievs with webcomic authors and interwiev with me is just on.

Happy news: It's Comic Writer X first anniversary! Gosh, it seems like it was soo long ago... We're holding a celebration party comic jam here and it's going great! Anyone is free to join the party!
* * *
A little more gloomy news is that I'm experiencing problems with my E-pen. I finally installed XP over my old Windows 98 and it appeared that manufacturers (MediaForte), or anybody else, seems so, didn't make drivers for Windows XP. That is making drawing in Photoshop impossible so I'm trying to work other ways. This will, however, not stop mcDuffies from regulary updating.

What happened in meantime:
The missing of as well as all sites on comicgenesis was caused by a major crash of entire old server: all older comics were down as well. Even after that, FTP was not accesible so I couldn't upload new comics although I had them drawn.
And just as comicgenesis admins were preparing to enable FTP again, the system on my computer broke. Happily, all data is saved but I had to reinstall windows. Together with looking for a new appartment, this was a task that took more time than anyone would guess.
Well, I'm sorry. I hate missing updates and playing with your patience as much as you do.
Good news are, all missed updates are in their places, so read back through archive please. Sylvie's story is continuing as if nothing happened.
* * *
In future, I'll make sure to post info on forum. So if mcDuffies site is inaccesible to you, check the forums.
On other note, Comic Writer X is one year old and we'll be having an event to celebrate.

I suppose RPin's effort in making wallpapers moved me toward finally filling "Wallpapers and Icons" section. We got four new wallpapers: one featuring Jessie, one with mcDuffies male cast, one with idillic scene from Smiley and Tommy's fishing trip, and a junky one.
There's a set of mcDuffies cast icons for desktop, including fast food icons! And finally, two fonts: One with mcDuffies cast, the other one I made for curses and swears, and plan to use it further in comic.
Rodrogo of "Alex and Illa" made a crafty set of comicgenesis cards and following wallpapers. McDuffies card and wallpapers can be found here. It's actually a first mcDuffies wallpaper and I'm sorry to say that it's not thanks to me that it is so nice.
This is mcDuffies characters drawn in styles of famous modern painters! You're free to use them, or just to look at them and admire my ability to mimic their styles (no, really, I think most of them are really well done.

There's an issue of interest on mcDuffies forum here. I'd appreciate every comment and it's of interest to you readers so check it out.
Happy new years to everybody!
Whew, I didn't write rants for a long time. Reason? My computer was broken for a long time. Still, somehow I managed to put new comics in time, yay me! "Comic Writer X" wasn't so lucky to be spared of the consequences.
Now, what happened in the meantime?
On December 31. there was a fan art in new year's fanart exchange by *shuffles through documents* ...damn, seems like I misplaced url of the comic. I'll get back to it when I find it. Still, seems like Jessie is the favourite fan-art subject here. The official site is here.
I now co-maintain a site How Not To Run a Comic, together with Phalanx and Tetrous. It's a site where various artists give examples on how not to make comics. It's hella funny to read, as to participate.
Other news is I listen to David Byrne's solo albums very much.
Will be back soon.
* * *

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